FIRST Championship

Deep Space - 2019 - Houston, TX

The FIRST Championship in Houston Texas was an amazing experience that we will never forget. First of all, the scale of the competition is enormous. The George R Browning Convention Center is huge, and it was filled with FIRST competitions, including FRC, FTC, FLL, and FLL jr.

We were part of Hopper, one of six FRC divisions. Competition was intense. We spent four solid days troubleshooting, fixing, and competing, while taking advantage of the opportunity to watch matches and talk to teams from around the world. We also spent a day at Space Center Houston, where we were inspired by such as extraordinary sights as NASA's Mission Control and the massive Saturn V rocket.

Team in front of the FIRST logo
Team after winning the rookie award

Canadian Pacific Regional

Deep Space - 2019 - Victoria, BC

Our first competition as an FRC team was the Canadian Pacific Regionals in Victoria, BC. The competition surpassed all of our expectations. It was even bigger, louder, and more exciting than we had imagined. It was a spectacular event, and we learned a lot.

One of the best aspects of the competition was seeing some impressive robots from western canada and around the world. Talking to members of other teams, we gained an appreciation of the dedication of students and mentors, and we started to really understand Gracious Professionalism! We also learned a lot about what can go wrong with a robot, particularly when it is subjected to the rigours of full contact FRC competition. Stuff broke, and we mostly fixed it.

We were very excited to win the Rookie of the Year award, since this included an invitation to attend the FIRST Championship in Houston. We remain very grateful to the other teams from South Vancouver Island FRC for their support: 7167 Spectrum Thunderbots, 7169 Belmont Bytes, and 7287 Esquimalt Atom Smashers.